why are cartoons translated into different langues?

Did you know that cartoons are not just made in English? They make them in many different languages so that everyone can enjoy the same cartoons that you do. Tom and Jerry is an all-time classic. It was first made into English. Then they translated it to Chinese and Tibetan. “Many Chinese classics have also been translated into the Tibetan language, such as the Monkey King and the Legend Of The Condor Heroes.” said the Hindustantimes.com.

The places that get Tom and Jerry in their  languages get to see the same thing you do. “A six-year-old first-grade student in Lhasa believes the US-born cat and mouse can actually speak Tibetan “, says six year old boy.  This is an example that shows you other people in different places can get the same entertainment that you do. We might think that Jerry speaks our language, English. Children in other places in the world believe he speaks their own language or dialect.

Did you know that even books can be translated?  Have you ever read a book by Dr. Seuss? At one point in your life you probably have. Dr. Seuss’s books have been translated in over 20 different languages. They made the books  in so many different languages so everyone can enjoy the wonderful  writings of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. The book, “The Cat in the Hat French Dictionary”, was bought and reviewed by J.M. Fay on May 31, 2010. His thoughts were, “ This is a great way to introduce young children to French. It made their trip that much more interesting, educational, and fun!” Having books in different languages is helpful in many ways.

Now you know that cartoons that are made in your language might be translated. Do some research and  find out if you favorite books have been translated.  Now we know that cartoons are not just translated in cartoon shows. They even translate cartoon books. Cartoons are made to be fun to read and watch.  Why not have your favorite translated for everyone else to be able to enjoy!





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